About Us

The company was founded in 1969 and it was in 1972 that started the production of color concentrates.

Since then the company has been steadily growing and it has been our constant strive for high quality products that has established us in the Greek market.

Our mission is to be a leading producer of colored masterbatches and additives to the plastics industry.

The main focus is the flexibility in the production of high quality tailor-made products.

Hygiene, health issues, and environmental protection are key factors in our production process.

We are proud to offer complete solutions to color matching for plastics industry off all types of polymers and thermoplastic products.

Our strategy is to develop eco friendly products. We provide affordable solutions striving to solve the environmental issues of today.


All our masterbatches are being produced in twin screw co-rotation extruders. We invest in high quality machinery and efficient production management techniques.


We have a team of well qualified personnel who are committed towards product quality and customer satisfaction in accomplishing their tasks.

Our main endeavor is to satisfy customers’ requests on time and furthermore to offer cost effective high standard products and technical support.


Expertise personnel and latest technology color matching devices provide formulations suitable for every kind of material and molding condition.

Customer requirements such as food contact approval, light fastness, heat stability are always taken into consideration in order to give the best possible product.

Color testing of our products is performed with color measurement and visual evaluation.

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