UV Stabilizers

Improve light stability of polymers against UV radiation.

Light-induced degradation of polymers is a result of the combined action of oxygen and UV radiation. Exposure of polymeric materials to UV can lead to deterioration of morphological and physicochemical properties.

Usual results are yellowing, cracking, chalking, and inferior mechanical properties due to the changes in the chemical structure of the molecules.

Light stabilizers are employed in order to inhibit photodegradation by either absorbing the harmful part of radiation or by interfering with the chemical reaction of photooxidation and preventing its propagation.

Various blends of UV stabilizers are available, suitable for each specific application and material type.

Code Description Carrier Food Contact Clearance
29008 A11 PE
20100 H11 PE
1938 H12 PE
29167 H11+H12 PE
UV-29193 H11+H12+A21 PE
UV-29161 H32 PE
UV-29162 H33+A11 PE
29159 H31+H33 PE
M-3006-E H11+H31+coadditives PE
20104-PP H11+H31 PP
20101-PP H13 PP
5954 A12+H21 ABS
6907 A11 PET

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